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  • OLED Piršto Pulse Oximeter De Dedo Pulso Oximetro Namų šeimos Pulsas Oxymeter Pulsioximetro Piršto Pulse Oximeter su Byla
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OLED Piršto Pulse Oximeter De Dedo Pulso Oximetro Namų šeimos Pulsas Oxymeter Pulsioximetro Piršto Pulse Oximeter su Byla




Gerbiami klientai :

Dabar mes turime pakankamai atsargų,JŪS galite pasirinkti norimą spalvą, don ' t MISS it .

Bet problema, apie tai oximeter , galite Ccontact mums , mes pasistengsime atsakyti jums kuo greičiau.


1. Signalizacija

2. OLED Spalvų Ekranas

3. SPO2 + Impulsų dažnis+PI

4.Skirtingas Vaizdas

Spalvos: mėlyna, žalia, pilka, raudona, violetinė, Balta, Juoda

Pakuotės:su dėžute

Maitinimo šaltinis:2*AAA Baterijos( neįtraukta )

Pakuotė:1 set Oximeter( be baterijos )

  • Kraujo deguonies vertės ekranas diapazonas: 70~100%
  • oximeter: Piršto Pulse Oximeter
  • Prašymas: Pirštas
  • Dydis: Finger oximeter
  • Kilmės: Žemyninė Kinija
  • Modelio Numeris: SPO2 PR PI RR Stebėti
  • Ekrano Tipas: LED Spalva
  • Medžiaga: ABS
  • Maitinimo Šaltinis: 2*AAA Baterijos,be baterijų
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: JZIKI
  • Piršto Pulse Oximeter: SPO2 PR PI RR Stebėti
  • Elemento Tipas: Kraujo Spaudimas
  • Impulsų dažnis vertė ekrano diapazonas: 30~240BPM
S Urraca
This is my first purchase on this site and all so quickly received. Thank you so much! I recommend this seller!
Dziala unless well, fast shipment
The goods came quickly enough, within the specified delivery time. Packed well, not damaged. The evidence of the device is accurate enough, compared with the car that used the ambulance brigade on the call. Batteries are not included. AAA battery format. It works fine. Settings do not need to be carried out on a large account. Opened, turned on, measured. Turns off itself, automatically after a small period of time, once you remove the finger from the device.
Elena Rodriges67
Pulse Oximeter is good, quickly turns on, the readings are accurate. Ordered with a case, went well. Fixed on any finger. Thank you seller!
Kyran 777
Great and very useful little device. It works perfectly, I have been testing it with several people and it has given me different results according their age and the heartbeats per minute I have compared them by hand and with a digital sphygmomanometer and the results were the same. The oximeter came with a strap and a little box for keeping it safe. And lastly, the shipping, the fastest ever even with all this happening in the world, less than 2 weeks from China to Mexico. Unbelievable but true. Thanks a lot!

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